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Brzezińska 306 combines the possibility of living not far from the city center with the intimate atmosphere of the estate.

Brzezińska 306 combines the possibility of living not far from the city center with the intimate atmosphere of the estate.
Modern houses with gardens and a reaction space for residents are the perfect choice for people who value comfort and relaxation close to nature. Get to know your perfect place to live and live in the first quarter of 2023!

The estate consists of 11 houses and each has four independent apartments on a plot of 15,000m²

Each apartment has an exclusive garden and two parking spaces included in the price.

A unique rest zone in the forest with attractions for residents - a picnic area, sauna, and yoga space.


The Brzezińska 306 estate is located a 20-minute drive from the city center of Łódź and 3 minutes from the A1 motorway junction, which is an ideal solution for those who live in Łódź and travel frequently. In the vicinity of the estate, there are numerous retail and service points, educational institutions, and parcel lockers, thanks to which you can settle the most important matters in a short time.

Estate and amenities

When designing the Brzezińska 306 estate, we created a unique space with many amenities. The forest recreation area is a picnic area, a dedicated space for yoga and a private sauna for the exclusive use of residents and their guests. There will also be a parcel collection point on the estate, where the courier will be able to leave the parcel even when the owners are away.

  • Housing monitored
  • Independent bicycle shelter
  • Woonerf with rain gardens
  • DIY workshop with tools
  • Supervision by the manager of the common areas (cleaning, snow removal, maintenance)


Apartments with an area from 99 sq m. are available in three variants. In addition, the unused attic space can be adapted to the usable 24m². Each apartment has an exclusive garden, with individually designed greenery depending on the location on the estate (hedges, perennials and plantings).

  • Functional, spacious interiors
  • High quality of the materials used
  • Underfloor heating throughout the house
  • Heat pump
  • Possibility to connect a fireplace
  • Parking spaces and a terrace are finished with cubes
  • Rent-free houses
    (settlements based on contracts with energy suppliers)
  • All utilities (electricity, water, sewage, optical fiber, video intercom) are provided by the developer
For more details on the developer standard in which the apartments are delivered, please contact us directly.

Tabela mieszkań

Nr lokaluPowierzchniaIlość pokoiTaras/BalkonPoddaszeStatusPrzekazanie kluczy
1A64m23Taras 13m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
1B69m23Balkon 6m219m2DostępneQ4 2023*
1C64m23Taras 13m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
1D69m23Balkon 6m219m2DostępneQ4 2023*
1E64m23Taras 13m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
1F69m23Balkon 6m219m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
2A98m23Taras 13m2 20m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
2B98m23Taras 13m2 20m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
2C98m23Taras 13m2 20m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
2D98m23Taras 13m2 20m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
3A98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
3B98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
3C98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
3D98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
4A125m26Taras 13m225m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
4B125m26Taras 13m225m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
4C125m26Taras 13m225m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
5A98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
5B98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
5C98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
5D98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
6A98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
6B98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
6C98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
6D98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023
7A66m23Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
7B72m23Balkon 8m220m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
7C66m23Taras 13m220m2DostępneQ4 2023*
7D72m23Balkon 8m220m2DostępneQ4 2023*
7E66m23Taras 13m220m2DostępneQ4 2023*
7F72m23Balkon 8m220m2DostępneQ4 2023*
7G66m23Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
7H72m23Balkon 8m220m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
8A98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
8B98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
8C98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
8D98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
9A98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
9B98m24Taras 13m220m2DostępneQ4 2023*
9C98m24Taras 13m220m2DostępneQ4 2023*
9D98m24Taras 13m220m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
10A64m23Taras 13m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
10B69m23Balkon 6m219m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
10C64m23Taras 13m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
10D69m23Balkon 6m219m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
10E64m23Taras 13m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
10F69m23Balkon 6m219m2SprzedaneQ3 2023*
11A64m23Taras 13m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
11B69m23Balkon 6m219m2DostępneQ4 2023*
11C64m23Taras 13m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
11D69m23Balkon 6m219m2DostępneQ4 2023*
11E64m23Taras 13m2SprzedaneQ4 2023*
11F69m23Balkon 6m219m2DostępneQ4 2023*



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